Empty pockets, unfasten buttons and lift collars before washing.

Take off removable details and close Velcro and zip fastenings before washing.

It's preferable that garments be washed in cold water


Do not leave garment damp.

Do not expose clothes to direct sunlight,

Knit garments should be laid on a flat surface and away from sunlight and heat.

Some garments tend to get out of shape. Reshape and lay flat to dry.

Dry garments immediately after washing.


Follow ironing instructions found on garment label.

Iron at low temperature.

Garment should be slightly damp when ironing.

Hand Wash

In the first few washes, colors may bleed, garment should therefore be washed separately.

Always use cold water and do not leave soaking for a long time.

Do not rub garment, squeeze gently. Rinse thoroughly.


Read care instructions on label before adding bleach.

Bleach in cold water only and let soak for a maximum of one hour.

Do not use a metal receptacle for bleaching.



Will shrink if washed at very hot temperatures. If garment has color, must be washed separately the first time.
Advantages: - Fresh and flexible material. High resistance to tearing and rubbing.
Inconvenience: - Discolour easily and tends to wrinkle.

Synthetic Fabric

Polyester, Nylon and Lycra Sensitive to heat. Must be washed with water at room temperature and ironed with no steam at low temperature.
Advantages: - Very resistant. Very few wrinkles. Keeps color. Soft hand-feel
Inconvenience: - Highly flammable and gets static.


Wash jeans inside out to stop them from fading. Remove them from the washing machine as soon as possible after the cycle has ended to avoid creasing. Denim’s characteristic appearance is the result of a special dyeing method. As a result, small pigment particles may remain on the surface and can rub off.


Leather and suede items should be taken to a dry cleaner that specializes in leather


Linen is a natural material and can easily get misshapen when wet. To restore the garment to its original shape, iron it with a hot steam iron. To keep its sheen, iron the garment on the reverse side.


Do not wash at very hot temperatures. No tumble dry. Resistant stains must be treated by a professional. Must not be steam ironed; should be ironed at low temperature. Dry clean advisable.

Advantages: - Light and relatively smooth. Keeps color.
 Inconvenience: - Delicate. Avoid rubbing and sweat staining.


Viscose is a natural material and can easily get misshapen when wet. To restore the garment easily to its original shape, iron it with a steam iron.


Often, airing woollen garments is enough. Use a detergent for delicates when you do wash them. Use the wool or hand wash cycle on your washing machine or wash by hand.